why do we love film?

The colors, the tones, the depth, the grain, the soul. Film takes us back to our roots. See your day with a little grit, nostalgia, and that oh so photogenic imperfection that only film can offer. We have multiple ways to work in film to your wedding day if you desire some timeless analog film in your final gallery.

The nostalgia of analog film on a wedding day is unmatched. It’s something we truly feel that digital can’t touch. Shooting weddings on film has made us better, more mindful, and creative photographers.

There is nothing like waiting for your film scans to come back from the lab – ESPECIALLY wedding photos! While you will receive sneak peek digital photos from us after the wedding, you also will get your film scans back within 2-3 weeks, which is even faster than a full digital wedding gallery would be completed.

If you’re interested in learning more about film and how we can integrate that into your day, you can inquire here and view our film portfolio below.

growing up with film (megan)

As a child, I always had a point and shoot in my hand, thanks mom! I grew up around cameras and have always recognized the importance in documenting the things around me.

My middle school offered dark room classes and that's when I officially fell in love. Since 6th grade I have been shooting film on the regular. Shout out to my middle school photo teacher, Mr. Girvin. Shout out to my high school photo teacher, Mr. Ott. Shout out to my photo professor in college, Christine Welch.

As a photography major, I studied analog solely which gave me a solid foundation and advanced my technical skills as a photographer.

Film has taught me how to compose. How to shoot completely manually. How to meter for light. How to work with difficult light. How to capture motion. How to be in full control. How to be a better photographer.

My love for this medium stems from working with film.

P.S.: I shoot film for leisure too! Check out my personal work: