Shooting film requires so much intention. Since we are so present in the moment, this allows for more connection as the light from you enters the camera and is permanently ingrained onto the film.

The timeless quality of film is impeccable. The colors and textures cannot be matched using digital cameras. When film is properly exposed, it has a wider dynamic range which results in an image with excellent detail full of texture.

In a world full of excess and overstimulation, shooting on film brings back simplicity and slow mindfulness to photography.

Megan's journey with film photography started the same as many others; playing around with a point-and-shoot film camera when she was a child. She continued shooting on film alongside digital while at university, developing her own black and white negatives and learning the technical nuances of the process. She decided to introduce it to her wedding workflow while also using it for personal work throughout the years. Ian & Megan are hybrid wedding photographers, which means they shoot digital and film. Because your needs are unique, they tailor their packages to your vision. They work with polaroids, medium format, and mostly 35mm film at weddings. Below you'll find some examples of Megan & Ian's analogue work.