How would you describe your style?

During the majority of any wedding day, we're always looking for the best, most flattering light. We take a hands on approach to portraits, guiding you through natural and organic prompts.

The reception and ceremony usually give us opportunities to capture in a more photojournalistic fashion. Documentary photography has always influenced us, so we look for ways to create dynamic compositions that capture moments in a unique way.

Natural light is our friend, and we will shoot in it as long as possible to preserve the natural beauty and glow of nature. Later in the evening we love to switch to on/off camera flash for bold, dynamic lighting.

We love happy, genuine, and romantic images, so expect to receive all of the above. We also like to sprinkle in the raw, imperfect details that most would overlook. These forgotten scenes tell a story and represent the life and emotion of your day.

In a sense, we are natural light photographers. Our editing is bright, but not too bright. Our images are true to color, and we typically shoot wide open for a soft background. We do not use heavy filters or presets on our images- we prefer a clean, natural look.

Do you have a second shooter?

Yes! Ian and I are a photography team and work mostly side by side for each wedding. We work closely as a couple to shoot weddings which has been so much fun over the years. We rely heavily on each other and our dynamic plays a crucial role in the way we photograph.

We also offer personalized collections featuring just one photographer if you're looking for a more intimate and less expensive experience such as an elopement or small wedding.

Do you shoot film?

Yes! We are considered hybrid shooters, utilizing both digital cameras and film cameras. We also cater to clients who prioritie digital files only and even just film scans only. We are well versed in shooting a variety of different film stocks and cameras. We'd love to hear about what film looks you prefer and how we can plan to integrate that into your day.

We sometimes develop/scan our own black and white film, but the majority of our film gets developed and scanned by theFILMlab in Utah.

Check out our film portfolio here:

How long have you been shooting weddings?

We shot our first wedding together in 2017. To this day it was one of the most memorable and loving days we've ever documented. We decided to run with that feeling and have since attended many more weddings over the years.

At this point in our career we have tackled our own weddings, ranging from high end, luxurious venues, to intimate backyard weddings. Assisting and second shooting with different photographers over the years has given us insight on all of the different methods and approaches that come with being wedding photographers and working in the wedding industry.

As a photography major in college (Megan), I studied the art of photography on a more personal and professional scale, and still apply that knowledge to my work today.

We both have photography backgrounds, so it made sense for us to start working together as a team. We've been shooting together for going on 6 years now.

I would love to work with you- how do we officially book?

We're always flattered by inquiries. However it is so important to us that potential clients make the time to review our style and approach before moving forward to make sure we are a good match. We're always happy to answer any questions before the booking process and are open to communication via email or even a phone call if you'd prefer.

To officially book we require a $1000 retainer fee and a signed contract. The contract and invoice are both electronic and can be submitted easily online. After booking we're open to communicating at any point about your wedding, but we'll really start to nail down the permanent details about 3 months prior to the date.

How far do you travel for weddings?

We are based in Philadelphia. We work all over Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, & New York for weddings and we truly love to travel. We don't let distance get in the way!

We also book out of state weddings and destination weddings.

How many images will I receive?

For weddings, it depends on how long your day goes and how many events are happening, but we average between 900-1300 deliverables. You’ll receive each image in color as well as some favorites in black and white. We are incredibly generous with the amount of photos we deliver. We value the candids and often the silly unseen moments that we find complete a full gallery.

What gear do you shoot with?

We shoot on full frame canon bodies with a variety of lenses. We continuously upgrade our gear and make sure cleaning and calibration is completed before each wedding season. Our camera bodies have dual SD card slots, and we always back up files to several hard drives after weddings. We use canon speedlites and video lights you may see us pull out at receptions.

For film, we're bouncing back and forth between SLR, twin lens reflex, rangefinder, point and shoot, and sometimes polaroid bodies. We primarily shoot 35mm but are eager to shoot more medium format at weddings.

When it comes to editing, we use professional software including Lightroom and Photoshop.

We shoot RAW files, allowing us to deliver the highest quality to our clients.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We are completely understanding of the financial dedication it takes to plan a wedding. We accepting of payment plans at your own leisure as long as the balance is paid in full at least a week before the wedding day.

To book, we require a signed contract and a $1000 retainer fee, with the remaining amount due one week prior to the wedding day.

Do you have insurance/backup gear?

Yes! We can provide proof of insurance to any venue. We also carry backup cameras and SD cards/batteries on wedding days. Our camera bodies have dual SD card slots, allowing us to record to 2 different cards simultaneously at all times.

How long does it take to receive my photos?

We typically tell couples editing can take anywhere between 5-20 weeks depending on the time of year and how busy we are. May/June and September are typically the busiest. We always send our couples a preview a few days after the wedding and we upload to the live gallery as we edit- that way you have the option of viewing your gallery as we edit, or waiting until editing is completed to view them all at once.

Editing is an in depth process, and we are very particular about consistency and upholding our look. Our images from each wedding are our pride and joy, and we treat your final gallery like a work of art, not just another wedding to edit. We also take pride in handling most of our own editing so that all files aren't dumped into the laps of third party editors for the sake of convenience.