With the covid-19 outbreak taking a toll on everyone's daily lives, I wanted to share a bit about what I am doing to handle covid.

1. Flexibility with my rescheduling policies

I'm going to do everything I can to work with my clients to find available dates that will work for both of us. I generally require advanced notice and a rescheduling fee, but I'm waiving all our fees to help our clients through this time. Just please consider postponing your session, don’t cancel.


2. Openly providing my active availability to my clients if rescheduling would need to take place.

Please know that I will continue to update this list as I book. Please check back for updates on availability as time goes on. 

These are my booked dates for 2022/2023: 


Saturday January 8th

Saturday January 29th

Saturday May 14th

Saturday May 21st

Sunday May 29th

Saturday June 4th

Saturday June 11th

Saturday June 18th

Sunday July 3rd

Friday July 22nd

Friday September 2nd

Saturday September 10th

Saturday September 17th

Saturday October 1st

Saturday October 8th

Saturday October 15th

Saturday October 22nd

Saturday October 29th

Friday November 4th

Saturday November 12th

Saturday December 3rd

Friday December 16th

Friday December 30th


Saturday April 29th

Saturday May 6th

Sunday May 21st

Saturday May 27th

Saturday June 3rd

Saturday June 17th

Saturday June 24th

Saturday July 1st

Friday July 14th

Saturday July 29th

Saturday August 19th

Saturday September 2nd

Saturday September 23rd

Saturday September 30th

Saturday October 7th

Saturday October 14th

Saturday October 28th

3. Utilizing the photo community

I have a great network of photographers from all over who can help. I are fully prepared to utilize this community and support each other during this time.

4. Support my couples & clients

This is not easy on anyone. I'm here for all our clients and am prepared to talk you through your options. I'm also allowing my 2022 couples to submit their final payment on the wedding day instead of paying in advance. 

5. Continue open communication

This is key! I'm here answering e-mails, text messages, DMs, phone calls – I want to be here for you guys, so please talk to me. 

Stay on plan until we’re told otherwise. Unless mandates require us to change plans or you choose to postpone your session, we’re full speed ahead. I am going to be as flexible as I can, I just ask you communicate with me and keep me in the loop!

For sessions we are able to move forward with, here’s what Ian and I are doing to protect ourselves and our clients. As any governmental regulations are put into place, we will abide by those standards and will not go against emergency regulations.


No pre-session hugs or hand shakes,  just awkward waves from at least 6 feet away.

We love hugs, but right now, we’ll settle for awkward waves or maybe an elbow bump. We want everyone to feel comfortable and we don’t want to put anyone else at risk.

 Keeping our equipment clean.

We’ve got antibacterial wipes to keep our gear wiped down and clean. We use it a lot and touch our cameras with our hands and on our face when we look through the viewfinder. We’re planning to keep all our gear as clean as we can.

Using hand sanitizer

Both of us will carry sanitizer on us and will sanitize frequently. I’ll keep my small bottle in my camera bag and a bigger bottle in my car in case I need it or anyone in your family needs some.

Maintaining our distance

By using different lenses, we can still capture beautiful photos! We will both most likely be carrying masks on us and will use them for indoor/enclosed sessions.

No Touching

If we have to adjust your hair because it’s windy or fix your clothing, we’ll instead keep our distance and ask you or a member of your group to assist you.

Rescheduling if we were to become ill

If for any reason either of us becomes ill, we’ll notify you immediately. Fortunately, we have a strong network and community of amazing photographers who could potentially step in for us in the event we’re not able to be there. Or we can always reschedule your session for a later date. This has never happened before, but I'm just putting it out there. 


We want to be as flexible as we can. The situation surrounding the virus is fluid, changing hourly, if not daily. We understand that, and plan to do whatever we can to support our clients through this so that we can make it through this time stronger than ever before.

Cheers friends, and thank you for reading. Stay well!