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Bensalem Township Country Club | Breana + Kevin

July 11, 2019

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Ashley & Josh // Winter Wedding // Walk In Art Center

February 10, 2019

Ashley and Josh are the absolute sweetest- their wedding day was so refreshing, and such a personal reminder of why I do what I do.  It truly was an honor to capture. It’s one of those weddings where every hour while shooting, and every few photos while editing, I found myself thinking how grateful I was to have been the one to capture it.

When Ashley reached out to me about shooting her wedding back in 2017, I nearly had a heart attack. To put it lightly, she is THE photographer in our hometown- and basically all of Schuylkill County. As a growing wedding photographer, I have admired her work and perseverance over the years and couldn't believe she was asking ME of all people to shoot her wedding. I was honest with her about my confidence and skillset and she continuously reassured and supported me and my work. She put her trust in me, which is the best feeling coming from any bride, especially one who takes pictures for a living. 




December 29th, 2018 was an overcast wintery day. We didn't have snow on the ground, but I do recall flurries coming down briefly in the morning. I spent some time with Ashley & her girls in the morning while everyone was getting ready. Ashley's bridesmaids wore strapless dresses that were stunning and perfect for a winter theme. 4 in a shade of burgundy, 4 in a shade of champagne. 



Ashley looked amazing in her dress. It was simple but had a lot of character throughout, including the beaded details around her waistline. I especially loved the sheer back with the line of buttons leading down. Her train was also the perfect length to have some fun in without needing too much assistance. I was in love with Ashley's ha