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Bensalem Township Country Club | Breana + Kevin

July 11, 2019

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Boudoir with Marisa

June 17, 2017

Despite what some people may think, boudoir photography is not just about being sexy. Although that may make it more exciting, boudoir photography to me is more about empowering women. I've always had an interest in these kinds of shoots. Growing up with two younger sisters gave me the opportunity to explore womanhood through my lens. After all this time, I enjoy the enlightening feeling of these shoots the most simply because I enjoy making other women feel confident. 

 Marisa was one of my first boudoir clients. Aside from being gorgeous, she has a great personality. Last week we met up for an outdoor session. Luckily we are both adventurous enough to venture into the middle of the woods together for a photoshoot. We both came prepared with tons of fabrics and outfits and began our shoot in an open section of the woods. The sunlight was peeking through the trees which made for some ideal lighting. 




Marisa did her own hair and makeup for the shoot (yes her eyelashes are real!!!) and always comes prepared for her shoots. She was dedicated enough to drag a huge suitcase full of lingerie around the location we were shooting at. After a few minutes of experimenting, the shoot came to life. We made many outfit changes and incorporated gorgeous flowers that complimented Marisa's dark hair and eyes. 


 I am always inspired by the way Marisa photographs. She reacts gracefully to the camera which makes shooting her so much fun. She is truly a natural when it comes to modeling. 




My favorite part of the shoot was incorporating the draping canopy we brought. I originally wanted to use it as a background, but then tried something different. I placed Marisa inside the canopy and began shooting her through the fabric. I was immediately in love with the results. 



 I love this color on Marisa! The bodysuit was definitely a good choice for these shots. I wanted to incorporate some photos emphasizing the environment. We were literally surrounded by nothing but trees and shrubbery. We agreed that it didn't feel like we were in Philadelphia anymore. Next time I will definitely be bringing bug spray.