Cindy's Story

Ever since I met Cindy, I've come to know her as a mother. Her optimism, strength, and open mind gave me guidance through my teenage years and continues to influence me now. We welcomed her to the Read family in 2009.

Cindy was born June 3rd 1961. She raised two children, Caylee, and Jay. She has always been family oriented. Many also know Cindy to be caring, and friendly. She worked most of her life helping others, and did so until she retired a few years ago. 

In 2013 Cindy was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer. She had a right lower lobectomy in May of that year to remove the cancer. We were all relieved that the cancer was removed, but still worried about her overall health. 

In 2015 she began to notice a mass in her right thigh. Her biopsy confirmed that she had sarcoma. Between February and April of 2016 she had 25 treatments of radiation on her thigh. She then had surgery to remove the tumor. 

A week or so before her surgery, doctors discovered that the cancer had spread to her lungs. After she was healed from surgery, she began Chemo in mid July. She took on the Chemo with strength, and held her head up high. Before her hair fell out completely, she took control and shaved her head herself. She embraces the way she looks, regardless of what others may think. 


 Since July, doctors have discovered slowly that her abdomen has been affected from the cancer as well. On September 11th, 2016 her emergency room visit for trouble breathing turned into a long-term stay at Hershey Medical Center. She has been intubated since then, and can barely breathe on her own. For now all we can do is wait for her to heal. 

Cindy is one of the bravest people I have ever met. Throughout her recent years with these issues, she's been nothing but optimistic. She's a fighter, and she will fight through this. 

Her medical expenses are extremely overwhelming. I am raising money through selling prints of my photography. If you are interested in purchasing a print, all of the proceeds will go to her.

Also feel free to donate

All donations are extremely appreciated by all of Cindy's family.

Thank you to everyone who has previously donated.  

Please pray for Cindy.